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Sage House from the Road in Spring

The Sage House Model brings together local dementia services in one place putting the person with dementia at the centre.

Our Story

Dementia Support originated from a discussion at a wedding, sparked by one individual's struggle to find the right help and ongoing support for her father after his dementia diagnosis.
Conversation led to action and in 4 short years, armed with extensive research, local voices and a diverse Board of Trustees, Sage House was opened to the community in 2018.

Identifying The Need

A discussion at a wedding sparked the founding of Dementia Support when one member shared her struggles in finding support for her father after a dementia diagnosis. Recognizing the widespread need, the group resolved to address the gaps in dementia care locally.

Action Group Formed

In 2014, the Chichester Dementia Support Action Group was formed to assess the community needs and existing resources. They also sought input from local individuals affected by dementia and assembled a diverse Board of Trustees to guide their mission.

Conducting Research

Extensive research was conducted nationwide to identify best practices in dementia care. Alongside statistical analysis, the group prioritized listening to the experiences of those impacted by dementia, uncovering significant gaps in local support services.

Creating Sage House

In response to community feedback, the Sage House Model was established and a building designed with dementia in mind. Partnerships were formed and in 2018, Sage House opened its doors to the community it was designed to serve.


A scalable solution which aims to address the nationwide gaps in dementia care.

Dementia Support envisions a society where dementia is wholly understood and accepted, enabling people with dementia, their families, and caregivers to be supported throughout their journey.

Our philosophy

The Sage House Model brings together local dementia services in one place, putting the individual with dementia at the centre.

We work with partners to fill gaps, we don't duplicate them. These centrally located collaborations ensure individuals, families, and caregivers have access to the support and information they need, when they need it. The Sage House Model also provides a place for the local community to come together, promoting social inclusion, all the positive life opportunities for people living with dementia and reducing stigma.

Our locations

Sage House Logo (Tangmere).png

Sage House Tangmere is our flagship hub.


Opened in May 2018 by Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, Sage House Tangmere is a centre of excellence delivering seamless, holistic and integrated care for people living with dementia. We work in partnership with the NHS, County Council and other statutory, voluntary and charitable organisations from within the community - many of which are co-located with the team.

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Our Team, Trustees & Patron

Sally Tabbner

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Dementia Support - Chief Executive

Driven by personal family experiences with three grandparents diagnosed with dementia, Sally joined the charity in July 2017 to spearhead the design, development and creation of Sage House.  

Sally's passion is to now work to inform and inspire other communities that there is a better way to support people living with dementia, with the adoption of the Sage House Model.

Isla Lewis

Programme Lead - National Ambitions

Isla first joined Dementia Support as Services Manager when Sage House Tangmere opened back in 2018, after a career working mainly within the NHS. After leaving the operational service side, she has rejoined the charity to forward the work of the National Ambitions Programme.

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Spring Sage House.png

Anthony Wickins

Chairman & Trustee

Philippa Nesbit

Co-Chair & Trustee

Richard Broadribb

Charles Richmond | Duke of Richmond & Gordon
Dementia Support Patron

We were nominated by the staff as The Goodwood Estate 'Charity of the Year' for 2 consecutive years, during which time we have been afforded incredible levels of access to their iconic events and venues to help raise awareness and funds as a local charity.

We approached The Duke of Richmond to join us on a more formal basis and we were absolutely delighted at the acceptance of our patronage invitation. 


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