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Sage House from the Road in Spring

The Sage House Model brings together local dementia services in one place putting the person with dementia at the centre.

Fully integrated dementia support; many proven benefits 

Sage House in Tangmere was officially opened in 2018 by a group of local people who wanted to improve the support available for people living with dementia in their local community. Since then, this unique dementia hub has gone from strength to strength, adapting and evolving to support thousands of people throughout their dementia journey.

Now the Sage House Model is available for adoption within communities nationwide. 

Sage House Model benefits

An 18-month academic evaluation which was started in 2022 by the University of Chichester's Cognitive Ageing and Dementia Laboratory found that the Sage House Model saved £1,722 per person, each year, when compared to the standard cost of care, making it 38% cheaper over all.

Other key factors of the report showed that:  

  • People living with dementia who had access to Sage House experienced significantly greater Life Satisfaction (20% higher), Wellbeing (16%) and Quality of Life (10%) than the standard care model.

  • 61% of people accessing Sage House agreed that it had helped them or their Care Partners to continue working.

  • Care partners with access to Sage House demonstrated better access to information and support which led to a significantly greater Quality of Life.

To receive a copy of the full academic evaluation report of the Sage House Model:

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Sage House Model explained

Each location is designed to be rooted in collaboration with the local community, meeting the local needs, delivered and landed by the local community. The model mainly consists of dementia trained staff, integration with NHS memory services, collaboration with many voluntary and statutory sector organisations and fundraising partnerships with local businesses, and of course the valuable network of volunteers.

All locations are modelled on the Centre of Excellence, Sage House in West Sussex, the first of its kind launched by Dementia Support in 2018. Sage House is agile and experimental in moulding around the support needed in the community, a model that is proving to be scalable and adoptable nationwide.

"Caring for someone with dementia is very hard and to have access to help of all kinds in one place makes it much less stressful."  Care Partner

"I love the fact that on a cold, miserable day there is all the help we need in a warm, welcoming space. We don't need to meet strange buildings' regimes and people."

Care Partner 

"Sage House gives me something to look forward to. I am always happy to be brought over here. It makes still being alive and breathing enjoyable."

Person Living With Dementia

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