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Sage House from the Road in Spring

The Sage House Model brings together local dementia services in one place putting the person with dementia at the centre.

Meeting Local Need

From diagnosis to ongoing management, navigating the complexities of dementia care involves interacting with various specialists, services, and support systems.


The Sage House Model aims to simplify this process by providing a centralised hub where individuals can access a wide range of services tailored to their unique needs.


This model is deeply integrated within the local community, delivered and operated by the local voluntary sector, with experienced and dementia-trained staff, NHS memory services onsite, and strong partnerships with local businesses, all enhanced by a dedicated network of local volunteers.


Model Principles

Future Sage Houses are able to draw on the unique and innovative approach established by the Sage House Tangmere in West Sussex, which was launched by Dementia Support as its Centre of Excellence.

The Sage House Model emphasises adaptability and responsiveness, moulding itself to fit the changing needs of the community it serves. This model is built on the principles of agility and experimentation, allowing it to scale effectively and adjust rapidly to new challenges and opportunities. By focusing on the flexibility to evolve alongside the community, Sage House ensures that its support remains relevant and impactful.

The model leverages the proven practices and innovative approaches of Sage House Tangmere, enabling each future Sage House to benefit from its proven strategies and programs. This centralised approach also ensures consistency in quality of care and effectiveness in impact across all locations.

Enhancing Quality of Life

By consolidating services and support, the Sage House Model aims to enhance the overall quality of life for individuals living with dementia. Our approach focuses on:

  • Physical health

  • Social connections

  • Engagement

  • Sense of purpose

This model promises to transform the way we approach and manage dementia, providing a centralised and coordinated approach that allows individuals, their families and carers access to a comprehensive range of services and resources.

Core Services

The Sage House Model provides essential services that include:

Providing carers with respite while ensuring their loved ones are cared for in a safe, nurturing environment.

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A comprehensive information, advice, and support service that guides families from pre-diagnosis through to end of life.

memory assessement.png

Housing NHS Memory Assessment Services locally ensures continuous, collaborative care, keeping dementia patients central to the process.

Supporting the above core services, the Sage House Model allows for a range of other services and activities to be provided. These can be scaled up and adapted to meet the needs of the local community.

The full range of services can be viewed at our Centre of Excellence hub in Tangmere, West Sussex: 


Partnerships & Community Integration

Utilising partnerships with other voluntary and statutory sector organisations and local businesses is key to providing a full range of accessible services in one place. These partnerships help fill gaps in care and reduce the stress on individuals and carers by co-locating local dementia services.

Successful partnerships include:

  • NHS Memory Assessment Service

  • Citizens Advice

  • Local Solicitors

  • Local Financial Advisors

  • Local Hair and Holistic Therapy Businesses

Sage House Model Toolkit

To replicate the success of Sage House Tangmere across the UK, we offer a replication toolkit developed around five years of Centre of Excellence learnings and best practices.

The toolkit includes:

  • Built Environment

  • Services Programme

  • Partnerships 

  • Resources

  • Marketing & Fundraising Strategies

  • Training 

  • Quality

To receive a copy of the full academic evaluation report of the Sage House Model:

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